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My Silver Crown March 16, 2012

In 1977 around the time of Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee my maternal grandparents bought me a silver necklace.  On the necklace was a little silver charm in the style of St Edward’s crown.  It was pretty and I loved it.

I remember one day it fell behind my chest of drawers.  I pulled and tugged at the heavy piece of furniture until it moved just enough for me to slip my hand behind and retrieve it.  In doing I managed to get it caught and the cross on top of the crown that helped form the bale got bent.  It upset me but at least it wasn’t broken.  I was given that necklace 35 years ago.  Somewhere in those years it got lost but I’ve never forgotten it and think about it often.

I have a charm bracelet, silver of course, and when major events happen in my life, I add a charm to mark the occasion.  I am also given charms as gifts and these serve to remind me of the important people in my life who give them to me.  Each one is as important to me as that little crown I loved and lost years ago.

This year marks the 60th year since Queen Elizabeth came to the throne and I thought it would be nice to add a crown to my charm bracelet as a marker for this national event and as a little nod to the one my Grandparents gave me.  Ebay is my usual port of call for these types of things (most things actually) so I had a browse.

I found a charm that completely matched my memory of my little crown.  I was thrilled and bought it.  Today it arrived and imagine how I felt when, not only was it exactly like my old one but, the cross on top was bent!